Please read entirely before ordering a commission

. Please check my current wait time and if I have commissions open at the top of the page before trying to contact.

. I will draw: Ecchi, blood/slight gore, animal ears/tail, original characters or fan art, any gender

. I will not draw: Portraits (aka real/realistic people), R-18, bara, furry, full androids, elderly

. Payments are done through Paypal, all commissions will have a fee to cover taxes and Paypal’s fees of around 10%

. Wherever my commission is used (ex a Twitter profile pic, Twitch banner etc) please credit me to my Twitter @keikokup or my website

. Full payment must be made before starting the commission

. I will send a thumbnail, sketch, then finished color as part of the process. I will send these process photos to whichever contact you give me (whether email, Twitter etc)

. Major edits made after the sketch phase will cost extra depending on how many hours it takes, this does not include slight color changes or minor edits.

. If a sketch has to be fully redrawn you will be charged 50% of the original commission price, so please make sure to provide sufficient reference.

. I reserve the right to deny commissions if I am not comfortable drawing something or my commission slots fill up. However once paid the commission has been secured.

. Because I normally work on 4-5 commissions at one time the time of completion for a commission is about 1-2 months, please plan accordingly and give me time to thoroughly work on the commission so it will be the highest quality possible


How it works:


. Please fill out the commission form

. Once commission is confirmed I will send an invoice to your Paypal email.

. After invoice is paid I will begin working on the commission, so watch out for updates.

. Final commission will be delivered through a google drive link to the contact provided.