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Commission Status: Closed for personal commissions
Estimated Reopening: N/A

For business inquiries (comics, video game or other commercial projects) please contact me at Thank you!

Please read my Rules/TOS before ordering a commission.

Character Illustration

Includes one character with a simple or transparent background.


Headshot: $150

Half body: $225

Full body: $300

Size: Approx 10x10 in 600dpi

Extra character: +$150-$300 depending on the commission

Detailed background: +$100-$500 depending on level of detail.

If you are okay with sketchy line art commission can be discounted $50, good if you don't mind if the lines are rough around the edges (refer to illustration with two maids as an example).

Please see my gallery for more examples.

Manga Pages

Price ranges from $150-$300 per page depending on complexity, number of panels etc. A one page "manga page" illustration is also possible. I will not draw more than 7-8 panels on one page. Please provide me with a written document breaking down page by page of how you want the story to go (see example). Reference image/character sheet of main characters for the manga are required. Reference images for other backgrounds/expressions/characters, etc are greatly appreciated as well, google docs or google drive is recommended for this. This info can be sent within one week of commissioning, however any longer and the commission will be cancelled and refunded. Limit of 5 pages per order (for longer projects please send your inquiry by e-mail instead from my Contact page).

Vtuber Live 2D Model

Includes one character with parts separated for Live 2D rigging. Price will depend on the complexity of the character.


Half body: $500-1000

Full body: $1000-$2000

Size: Approx 10x15-ish in 600dpi

Can be used for commercial use on Twitch, Youtube etc.

Please have either a reference sheet or reference folder for me to work off of.

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